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Professional Tri-fold Brochure Design

Professional brochure designers serving the marketing needs of businesses all over the world.

Tri-Fold Brochures are a Proven Marketing Tool

A tri-fold brochure is a proven, cost-effective sales tool for your business.

Tri-fold Brochures are ideal to give a presentation on your products or services, build company and brand awareness, and inform prospective clients about your company.

They can also be used as:

Professional tri-fold brochures can certainly help you market products and/or services. They are ideal for:

And last but not least, they are economical and fast to print, have an excellent expected lifetime, and they are very convenient to carry or ship.

Who should we hire to create a brochure?

Hiring a graphic design studio to create a professional tri-fold brochure design is the best choice for small and large businesses alike. This means you will get a top-notch brochure - identical to the ones the most renowned brands use for their marketing - at a very reasonable price.

DIY, template-based brochures or freelancers are not able to produce high-quality brochures, no matter how easy or cheap their offer seems.

We are professional graphic design studio specializing in brochure design. We design brochures from scratch, specifically for your brand. The result is a custom, professional and unique brochure that will sell for years.

The process is easy and you may participate as little or as much as you wish. A friendly project manager will lead you through the process, asking for your feedback and making sure you get 100% satisfied with the end product.

Don't you like this draft? We start a new one. Do you want to change this text, that picture, or change the layout? No problem. Need a brochure for a tradeshow in 2 days? Our team can handle it!

We invite you to check our competitive pricing and contact us to start working on your professional tri-fold brochure.


Brochure Design Service

We serve businesses all over the world. In the US or Canada, call us at +1 888-289-3861.
Our sales offices in the US: 200 Centennial Avenue, Piscataway, NJ 08854, USA